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Anne Clarke & Jeff

" My favorite moment was walking into our reception, and realizing that the experience was more than we had ever dreamed about - it was perfect. We will always be thankful for the H Three team, and their part in creating memories we will never forget. "

Jasmine & Wilson

" Absolutely everything turned out so beautifully...we are honestly so blessed to have had your help with and during everything! "

Please Be Seated Rentals

" Thank you for thinking of us while designing the magic that you do! Y'all are FAB! "

Clare & Chad

"Where do I even start? The past year has been a FUN  journey, thanks to you and Hugh! You are incredible, and made the day of our dreams (and more)! "

Jojo & Daniel

"I truly don't know where to begin thanking you. Our wedding day was perfect...thanks for making decisions when I couldn't, and for being there every step of the way! Brides are lucky to have you! "

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